L.L.Bean Summer Internship Program

Each year, L.L.Bean hires promising college students to join our Internship Program and work in various departments across the company. Over 10 weeks, interns build strong connections, explore the outdoors, meet and learn with leaders, and produce meaningful work that directly impacts L.L.Bean.

As an intern, your work here matters. Your time, energy and input help bring the brand to life for our customers. Whether your work involves designing a website, omnichannel storytelling, learning retail management skills, or assisting product developers in designing the next big thing—your contributions matter.

Our Purpose & Our People

At L.L.Bean, our Purpose is to inspire and enable people to experience the restorative power of being outside. We encourage people to get outdoors, so they can feel better, find balance, and become better stewards of the environment. At the heart of everything, however, is the people of L.L.Bean. From one-on-one meetings with mentors to lunches with fellow interns, you are integrated in our community, and your connections here are meaningful. We invite interns to join us on our journey.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Throughout your time at L.L.Bean, you will meet many people who are committed to making the outdoors a welcoming place for all. Through discussion groups and personal conversations, you will reflect on topics surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion at L.L.Bean, in the outdoors, and in the world. You will learn about programs and initiatives to create a more equitable world all while interacting with a diverse group of people who share your passion for the outdoors. Click here for more information about our DEI work.

Activities & Adventures

Although our interns hail from all over, there is one thing we all have in common: our love of adventures! Throughout the summer, we make sure you have plenty of time for fun both inside and out, because we believe being outside brings out the best in people. If working in person and in Maine, you might take a trip to Acadia National Park, set sail on a sunset cruise, or hike local trails. In addition, you will attend exciting events, including a behind-the-scenes look at how our famous Bean Boots are made, and “Lunch and Learns” with leaders—including President and CEO Steve Smith.

Stephen Smith President and CEO

“The Internship Program is very important to us. We view our interns not only as members of the L.L.Bean community, but change-makers as well. They bring a fresh perspective to our work that we truly appreciate. We put a lot of energy into our internship program with the hope that interns will be able to hone their skills, develop some news ones—and fall in love with L.L.Bean—perhaps to come back as future L.L.Bean employees. ”
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Who Are Our Interns?

No two “Bean-terns” are exactly alike: each year brings a unique group of talented individuals who make a tangible impact on our company in their own way. During a typical summer, here’s roughly what you can expect:

  • 50 Interns
  • 15 Departments
  • 40 Colleges & Universities
  • 40%Come from Underrepresented Groups

Life as a “Bean-tern”

Here’s just a glimpse at the variety of roles our interns play, projects they create, and skills they learn.

  • Creative
    Creative From writing brand and product copy to using 3D barcodes and RFIDs to scan photographed products, Creative Interns do it all. Recent intern projects include designing customer emails and reworking the “Explore L.L.Bean” story layout.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Customer SatisfactionOur CS Interns work with process and technology data. In this role, you might analyze systems like Virtual Assistant and self-serve email, helping to ideate ways to improve them.
  • Facilities
    FacilitiesAs a Facilities Intern, you might do anything from preventative maintenance and troubleshooting machinery to working on L.L.Bean vehicles – including our famous Bootmobiles!
  • Finance
    FinanceIf you love numbers, Finance might be the place for you! Finance Interns work cross-functionally with other departments to analyze and modify data pertaining to goals and strategic objectives. You might prepare historical data or evaluate forecasting techniques, systems, and models.
  • Fulfillment
    Fulfillment Our Fulfillment Interns can typically be found on the floor collecting data about the automated goods-to-person process and reviewing it for improvements. They also attend Risk Assessment meetings to develop new Fulfillment safety requirements. Last summer, Fulfillment Interns helped implement sustainable mailers and other Earth-friendly packaging for our products.
  • Human Resources
    Human ResourcesFrom interviewing fellow interns for a weekly newsletter to organizing intern get-togethers that facilitate meaningful connections, the HR Interns keep everyone connected. Recent HR Intern projects include creating a DEI lander for L.L.Bean’s career website and re-designing this very page!
  • Information Services
    Information Services As an IS intern, you might do anything from coding, designing, and visualizing a webpage to configuring Wi-Fi networks. You could develop innovative ways to teach Microsoft products to employees or even research the newest cyber-attack techniques to track potential threats and implement new protections.
  • Internal Audit
    Internal Audit Last summer’s Audit Interns objectively evaluated business functions to determine company efficiency and audited L.L.Bean’s pension plan, among other enriching work.
  • Legal
    LegalGeared towards current law students, the Legal Internship provides hands-on law experience with in-house counsel. You’ll explore the field of information privacy law and learn about current information privacy issues.
  • Marketing
    Marketing If you love research, strategy, and content planning, Marketing might be the place for you! Marketing Interns support the Brand Experience Team with campaign, program, and event partnership and Bootmobile planning. They also ensure that llbean.com’s search and browse features run smoothly.
  • Merchandising
    MerchandisingOur Merchandising Interns do everything from brainstorming new product lines to helping designers sketch, color, or design projects using Adobe Suite and CLO3d software. They even create new products themselves – an outerwear piece designed by our summer 2022 interns will be available to purchase in spring 2024!
  • Public Affairs
    Public AffairsIf you’re always checking the news and are well-versed in current events, Public Affairs is the place for you! Public Affairs Interns write briefs, statements, and press releases to help maintain brand awareness.
  • Retail
    Retail As a Retail Intern, you will shadow different roles in our flagship store, from operations to team leaders. You might also help keep product displays stocked and organize our Outdoor Discovery Programs. Recent Retail Intern projects include preparing the book pack display in the flagship store lobby and integrating DEI initiatives into the store's winter events.
  • Supply Chain
    Supply ChainOur Supply Chain Interns gain experience in everything from analyzing how price changes affect product purchases and consumer demand to evaluating opportunities to expand inclusive sizing.
  • Wholesale
    WholesaleA day in the life of a Wholesale Intern might include managing sample requests for wholesale partners, processing orders, completing product asset requests, participating in sell-in meetings, helping with inventory management, and auditing photos. You might also perform selection analysis on products and develop weekly reports.

Meet Some of our Interns

  • Madison P.

    She/Her/Hers HR Communications Intern
    Providence College

    Coming from a Liberal Arts background, my internship gave me the opportunity to apply my communication skills to a real-world business setting. From writing intranet articles to guiding a team of interns in creating landing pages, I gained confidence in my leadership abilities and potential as a businesswoman. Everyone at L.L.Bean, from my mentors to my fellow interns, was welcoming, kind, and encouraging. I always felt challenged and supported.

  • Samantha H.

    She/Her/Hers Creative Design Intern
    Maryland Institute
    College of Art

    My internship showed me how collaborative creative teams are. In art and design school, you are typically responsible for creating an entire project. In a professional setting, however, a team of individuals works together to contribute to a final deliverable. Everyone at L.L.Bean is so talented, and I was impressed by how seamlessly everyone’s hard work comes together.

  • Arinjay J.

    He/Him/His Customer Marketing & Analytics Intern
    Northeastern University

    My internship gave me the freedom to form my own questions, explore them, and then answer them in my own way instead of following strict instructions. I learned how to collaborate with coworkers who have different backgrounds and skill sets from my own and realized how this is necessary to achieve common goals. L.L.Bean’s culture of teamwork made me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself.

  • Jake P.

    He/Him/His Supply Chain/Inventory Management Intern
    University of Southern Maine

    I love L.L.Bean’s culture, and there is a great opportunity to make a difference here. As a lifelong L.L.Bean customer, I appreciate how my role gave me a behind-the-scenes look at how the company operates. I became proficient in Excel and Data Analytics while also sharpening “soft skills” such as communication and networking.

  • Emelie M.

    She/Her/Hers IS Business Analyst Intern
    IE Univeristy

    My time as an intern encouraged me to learn and challenged me to see things from a variety of perspectives. Working with data in new ways and thinking critically about the current state of financial information kept me curious and engaged me. I broadened my data-handling skills, my ability to analyze information that provides value to customers, and my investigative skills. The people on my team made the job even more fun!

  • Georgia H.

    She/Her/Hers Experiential Retail Intern
    Emerson College

    From meeting with corporate folks to working on the Flagship store floor, my day-to-day work spanned all levels of L.L.Bean’s organization, allowing me to appreciate the company from a broad perspective. It was fascinating to learn about the moving parts behind the scenes of the organization and see how everyone’s responsibilities overlap and intersect with one another’s. I was able to ground artistic projects in a business setting and bring them to life.

Intern to Employee

  • Liz J.

    She/Her/Hers Northeastern University Intern Classes of 2019 & 2021
    CS Project Specialist

    My internship gave me the opportunity to practice professional skills such as public speaking, data-driven decision-making, and cross-functional team collaboration. Gaining these skills gave me the confidence to pursue a master’s degree in project management, which lead to a full-time position in the department I interned with. I was eager to stay at L.L.Bean because of the people – you can’t beat L.L.Bean people.

  • Isaah G.

    He/Him/His University of New Hampshire
    Intern Class of 2021
    IS Cybersecurity Analyst

    My L.L.Bean internship experience was truly spectacular! I was able to put my classroom knowledge and skills into practice with real-world work scenarios, learn what it means to be a cybersecurity professional, and develop the mindset necessary for this career path. My internship also allowed me to embrace and contribute to an amazing work culture. I found tremendous value in the people I worked with on a day-to-day basis. Their guidance, expertise, and willingness to invest in my development and see me succeed truly resonated with me and my career goals.

  • Erin C.

    She/Her/Hers Iowa State University
    Intern Class of 2019
    Associate Designer: Kids Apparel, Accessories, Home, and International

    Working for talented individuals across a wide range of product categories allowed me to build comprehensive understanding of the complexities that come with being part of an internal team and collaborating with partners in manufacturing and supply chain in a way that college studios can’t provide. My team has provided me with so many opportunities to develop my skills, given me new experiences, and built upon my education in innumerable ways.

  • Cole S.

    He/Him/His Babson College
    Intern Classes of 2019 & 2021
    Associate Content Planner

    L.L.Bean’s internship program prepared me for my current position by offering a unique perspective on the organization. For instance, having the chance to ask executive leaders questions during the program’s lunch and learns helped me better understand the company’s mission and purpose. Such opportunities to have my voice heard gave me the confidence to share my own perspective – I quickly realized that L.L.Bean highly values their interns. Folks here are down-to-earth, welcoming, and always willing to lend a helping hand. This organizational culture (and my love of the outdoors) made staying on after my internships a no-brainer.

  • Emma R.

    She/Her/Hers Quinnipiac University
    Intern Class of 2019
    Associate Creative Designer

    As an intern, I was encouraged to gain every experience I could, from creating digital banner ads and designing emails to creating social media content. This taught me to be open-minded to new opportunities – I realized that expanding my skill set and knowledge made me a valuable asset to my team. I chose to stay at L.L.Bean post-internship for a couple of reasons. I felt that the company’s values align with my own – I am proud to work for an organization that enables people of all backgrounds to enjoy time outside. I also fell in love with my department and team. Before coming to L.L.Bean, I’d never experienced such a positive, hardworking company culture.

  • Drew E.

    He/Him/His Champlain University
    Intern Classes of 2016-2019
    Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

    I learned more about my field during my internship than I did from my college classes. Studying from books and discussing theoretical scenarios does not compare to hands-on experience. Taking what I learned from my internship and applying it to the classroom helped me succeed and prepared me for my full-time role. I was keen to stay on with L.L.Bean for two main reasons. One, my team is a fantastic group of people who make coming to work every day a blast! Two, the company offers an unparalleled work-life balance – I cannot emphasize enough how helpful the flexibility to take your car to the shop or step out for a dentist appointment is.

What Do I Need To Know?

Is the internship paid?

Yes, internships are paid.

Where is the internship located?

The internship will either take place on our campuses in Freeport, Portland, and Brunswick, Maine or will be virtual. Interns are responsible for their transportation during the internship. While it's helpful to have a car, using public transportation or carpooling with other interns are both viable options. Also, bicycles could be made available if needed.

Do students who have already graduated qualify for the internship?

Yes, recent college graduates are welcome to apply. Strong preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors, as well as seniors graduating in winter/spring semesters.

What is the interview process like?

Typically, there are four steps in our interview process. After submitting your application online, your resume will be reviewed by a Talent Specialist. If there is interest in moving you forward, you will receive an email to set up a phone interview with HR. Next, you’ll interview with hiring managers in the department to which you’re applying. Some departments require a test (e.g., copywriting or IS) to review interns’ aptitude for their assigned work. Once a hiring decision is made, you’ll receive an official offer.

When is the best time to apply?

We typically begin posting internship opportunities in December/January. Interviews begin in January and February, and typically job offers are made in February and March.

What is the dress code?

Business casual. For safety reasons, there are specific requirements (e.g., no open-toe sandals) depending on the building and type of work you’re doing.

Does L.L. Bean offer intern housing?

Housing leads and referrals will be provided but interns are typically responsible for securing housing accommodations.

What are the benefits and perks?

Our interns are eligible for many perks, including the following: a generous discount on merchandise, access to on-site fitness rooms and classes, the employee store (for even more savings on L.L.Bean products), and the employee use room where you can borrow a variety of outdoor gear for free or a small fee. We also offer a 401(k) program with employer match for the duration of your employment with us.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at life as an intern by exploring #Beantern on social media!