The Be an Outsider Goal:
We Turn Work Inside Out

We sell products that invite people outside, because we want everyone to feel the magic that happens when you open the door to fresh air, open sky and unimaginable joy. This mission starts at home - with our employees. Because, getting outside unleashes creativity and amps productivity. It's an unbeatable elixir for health and happiness. That's why we set a corporate goal and ask every L.L.Bean employee to enjoy one outdoor adventure every week - simple or challenging, brief or lengthy. Swap the conference table for a picnic table. Set off on a paddling odyssey. Hike a 4,000-footer. Hike a 400-footer. There's no judgement, but lots of encouragement. Because, quite simply outdoor moments matter.


There are countless ways we encourage our people to get outside. Our Employee Outdoor Club offers several trips and activities a year from hiking and biking to snowshoeing and angling. Work meetings in open air are encouraged. So too are team days, giving new meaning to the term Out of Office. Some just like to walk at lunch, while others reach new heights of adventure on a regular basis. Whatever it is, if it’s outside, we’re all in.
Walking the Walk
During the Fall of 2018, two L.L.Bean employees - our 43rd team of hikers - reached the summit of Mt. Katahdin in Maine, marking the last leg of our monumental five-month relay along the legendary Appalachian Trail. An achievement they now share with 84 of their colleagues from all across the country. One that inspires us all to get outside together no matter where we are or how long we have to spend there.